Nintendo Switch Lite Coming This September

Dedicated to handheld play, Nintendo is launching a Nintendo Switch Lite on September 20th this year! It’s available in 3 different colors yellow, gray, and turquoise for $199.99 MSRP. The compact and lightweight design allows you to have your system ready wherever you are. The overall design is slightly smaller than the original dimensions being:

3.6” high, 8.2” long, .55” deep
4” high, 9.4” long, .55” deep (with Joy-Con attached)

The Controllers are Built-in for handheld play, therefore removing the gyroscopes and rumble functionality of the controllers. The left side controller also switched to the +Control Pad. Additional joy-cons can still be synced to the Nintendo Switch Lite for use. Since the Nintendo Switch Lite is dedicated to handheld mode, both TV Mode and Tabletop Mode will not be available. Any game Nintendo Switch game that works in Handheld Mode will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

There is also a Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition for $199.99 MSRP as well. The Zacian and Zamezenta edition feature colors from the two new Legendary Pokémon, Zacian and Zamazenta, from the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games.
The Nintendo Switch Lite has local wireless where up to eight Nintendo Switch’s and Nintendo Switch Lite systems can link up and play multiplayer games anywhere. Online play is, of course, available as well with Nintendo Switch Online membership.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available on September 20th for $199 and is bringing a whole library of Nintendo Switch games with it.