CEO 2019 – Tekken 7 Recap

CEO, one of the biggest fighting game events of the year, held its annual tournament in Daytona Beach, Florida over the weekend. Tekken 7 is arguably the best and most hype fighting game on the market right now, even though it has been roughly 2 years since its console debut. As CEO 2019 is a stop for the Tekken World Tour (TWT), many of the world’s top Tekken players made their way to sunny Florida to compete for TWT points as well as some money from a whopping $5000 prize pool.

As with any tournament, there were a ton of surprises and upsets. One that caught our attention in the Top 16 was the elimination of California native Jimmy J Tran to the hands of ROX Gaming’s Chanel. If you are new to the Tekken 7 competitive scene, let us tell you that Jimmy’s Bryan Fury the absolute best in the world, so for him to get 2-0’d by Chanel, who is the best Alisa Bosconovitch player in the world, is very surprising as Bryan Fury is regarded as a Top Tier character and Alisa is considered by many to be one of the less viable options in the game. This is no knock to Chanel though, as his skillset and knowledge of the character got him all the way to the Grand Finals, but we’ll talk about that later. Other notable eliminations in the Top 16 was Radiance/Red Bull’s ANAKIN, and UYU’s Jeonddingg, who has been a rising star in the Tekken scene.

No surprise that the Top 8 was filled with Korean talent, as ROX Gaming’s Knee and Chanel, OGN Esports’s JDCR, Genuine Gaming’s Saint, and Free Agent Kkokkoma and the 2018 Tekken World Tour Champion Rangchu took 6 of the 8 spots. The remaining two were filled by American Jevante Fling AKA NG-Obscure and Talon Esports’s Book from Thailand.

The Grand Final’s matchup featured Knee and Chanel who fought his way through the losers bracket. Knee ultimately ended up winning 3-1 in the first set with his Steve Fox. One thing to take note of was his hilarious “pop-off” which we kindly screen-capped at the top of this article for your amusement. Knee currently sits atop the Tekken World Tour Standings with a significant lead over JDCR who sits at second. The Tekken World Tour still has a way to go with 16 more stops before the Tekken World Tour Finals which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. The FrameLag Team will be doing extensive coverage of EVO 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada so please stay tuned for that!

You can see the entire Tekken 7 CEO 2019 placements and battle logs here, courtesy of EventHubs.