Alan Wake is now Fully Owned by Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake which was an action-adventure/psychological horror game that was exclusive to the Xbox 360 is now fully owned by Remedy Entertainment. The game was developed by Remedy Entertainment but published by Microsoft. Remedy Entertainment however now owns the publishing rights to Alan Wake, meaning Remedy can now freely make another Alan Wake or release the original on other consoles like the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 as they see fit.

Fans of Alan Wake have been wanting a sequel to the game since the original came out in 2010. In an interview with VG247 back in April, Remedy did say at one point Alan Wake 2 was in production but nothing ever came from it. There could’ve been various different reasons as to why the sequel never saw the light of day, such as maybe Microsoft who would’ve been the publisher at that time had a different vision of Alan Wake 2 that the developers did. Since Remedy Entertainment now owns the publishing rights to the game, they can develop a sequel and release it with whatever vision they might have for it.

Remedy Entertainment’s next upcoming game Control is about a secret agency in New York that was invaded by an otherworldly threat. Control is being developed by Remedy Entertainment and Published by 505 Games. It will be releasing for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 27. After Control releases though is it possible that a new Alan Wake game could be the next project they work on, especially since they now have the publishing rights? Only time will tell. To find out more about Remedy Entertainment upcoming game Control, you can visit the official website.