Round 1 USA To Provide Arcade Games For Anime Expo

In a tweet from Round 1’s official twitter page, they announced that they will be providing their Arcade Games and Photo Booths for the use of patrons at Anime Expo.

Anime Expo is the biggest and longest running anime convention United States. Ten of thousands of visitors attend Anime Expo, which is held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Round 1’s presence in Japan has already been established but in the past few years they have made tremendous strides in North America, opening several Round 1 Amusement branches all across the United States and becoming one of the premier destinations for American arcade gamers to play several games that were once Japanese arcade exclusives.

Round 1 announced on their Twitter that they would be providing Tekken 7, Virtua Fighter 5, Super Street Fighter 4, Groove Coaster, Taiko Drum Master, Crossbeats, Pop’n Music, Museca, Mario Kart DX, Initial D 8, Thrill Drive 3, Gunslinger Stratos, Sailor Zombie, and Silent Scope Bone Eater as well as a couple purikura photo booths.

Will you be attending Anime Expo this year?