Pokémon Masters Trailer And Gameplay Revealed

Pokémon Masters, the new Pokémon game coming out for mobile devices had some exciting news about the gameplay. The artificial island call Pasio is where our journey will take place. We will be able to meet many different characters from the various different Pokémon games. Here, trainers are aiming to become the champion of the tournament called the Pokémon Masters League. Trainers on Pasio island are traveling around with a single Pokémon. The trainer and Pokémon pair is referred to as “sync pairs.”

The main character will be teaming up with other trainers from past games to form teams of 3. The battles in this game will be 3v3 in an Active turn-based battle system. There are also special moves called sync moves! Another unique thing about this game is that trainers also will be able to use moves that provide support in battle. So get ready to start thinking about your favorite characters in the previous Pokémon games as you will be able to create your own dream team on your journey to becoming champion in Pasio! Pokémon Masters is expected to release on iOS and Android devices by the end of Summer 2019.