Persona 5 The Royal – Sakamoto Ryuji Introduction Video

Persona 5 The Royal is being released in Japan on October 31, 2019. The date is not official yet but it has been said that it will be released in the west in 2020. Persona 5 The Royal is adding various new things to the game including, new characters, new locations, new enemies, and even new music! Recently, Atlus put out a video showcasing one of our favorite phantom thieves, Sakamoto Ryuji. In this video some of the footage appears to give us some idea of new batting elements or perhaps new activities that will be available when living your daily life in Persona 5 The Royal. The video is unedited with no subtitles but check out the video below to see an awesome introduction to Sakamoto Ryuji!

Our Take
I’m pretty interested in seeing the new battling elements that will be added to the game. It appears that we will be able to combine characters’ persona’s to create some explosive attacks?! New locations for dating and deepening your relationships as well as new characters make this will be quite the treat even for those who have played persona 5 already. I’m excited to see the new content coming, especially the new music! The music was no doubt one of my favorite parts of Persona 5.