Toy Story Comes to Minecraft in New Mash-Up Pack

Minecraft has received some Toy Story content in the form of a mash-up pack. While the mash-up pack may be $7.99 the amount of content it brings seems to be worth it. Not only does the Toy Story mash-up pack bring Toy Story inspired costumes that will let you play as your favorite toys like Woody, Buzz, Rex, and more. But it also brings with it a giant Toy Story inspired world to explore. The world is so giant in fact it makes you feel like an actual toy while playing it. This due to the fact that you have the perspective of a toy in this world.

The world has many locations from the Toy Story series to explore. Andy’s Bedroom, Sid’s house, Al’s Toy Barn, Pizza Planet, and even locations from Toy Story 4 are all explorable. If you’ve seen any or all of the Toy Story movies and have a favorite location it’ll be represented in this mash-up pack. The Toy-Story Mash-Up Pack is available now in Minecraft on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC for $7.99. For more information about the Toy Story Mash-Up Pack, you can visit the official Minecraft website.