Samurai Shodown Season Pass Announced and Free for a Limited Time

The Samurai Shodown reboot may have just released but that hasn’t stopped SNK from already announcing a season pass. While the base game of Samurai Shodown comes with a total of 16 characters. Three all new and 13 returning. The season pass will include four characters which are Basara, Kazuki, Rimruru, and Wan-Fu. These characters will be releasing throughout the rest of the year and going into early 2020. Rimururu will be releasing in August, Basara will be releasing in October, Kazuki will be releasing in December, and lastly, Wan-Fu will be releasing February of next year.

The season pass for Samurai Shodown will normally be $19.99 but to celebrate the release of the game, the season pass will be completely free until June 30th. If you have a PS4 you can get the season pass for free off of the PlayStation store and if you have an Xbox One you will be able to get the season pass off the Microsoft Store. The season pass will only be free until June 30th, so if Samurai Showdown is your type of game make sure you download the season pass before then.