Top 15 Sonic Characters You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Throughout the years Sonic the Hedgehog has introduced a large number of characters. Some likable, some not so likable, and some you’ve probably never even heard of. So with Sonic the Hedgehog’s 28th birthday being yesterday on June 23rd in addition to the recent release of Team Sonic Racing and the fact that Sonic Mania is one of the free PlayStation Plus games of the month, we decided to take a look and countdown some of the lesser known Sonic characters. In fact, unless you watch the Sonic cartoons or read the Sonic comic books you’ve probably never heard of most of these characters. As less than a third of this list has appeared in a video game, while the rest remain exclusive to the Sonic comic books and cartoons. So what Sonic characters have you probably never heard of? Well, let’s countdown the top 15.

15. Nack the Weasel

Nack the Weasel, who also goes by Fang the Sniper is a treasure hunter who once tried to steal the Chaos Emeralds for monetary gain. Why have you probably never heard of him? Well because outside Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble for the Sega Gamegear and Sonic The Fighters, Nack has never appeared in any other Sonic game outside of cameo appearances. His latest appearance was in Sonic Mania where he appeared as an illusion created by Heavy Magician during the boss battle of Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2.

Nack the Weasel uses a pop gun as a weapon that fires a cork and has earned the name Fang the Sniper because he is able to fire the gun with great accuracy. In the Sonic Comics series, he is part of Team Hooligan with other members Bean the Dynamite, and Bark the Polar Bear who are occasional mercenaries for Eggman. While Nack hasn’t appeared in many Sonic games, which has led many Sonic players to forget about Nack or not know about him at all, his character design has always been a memorable one.

14. Mephiles the Dark

Mephiles the Dark was born is the Solaris Project and is the destructive conscience, mind, and will of the sun-god Solaris. Once sealed away by a time-traveling Shadow the Hedgehog into a scepter, Mephiles was freed 10 years later during a fight between Dr. Eggman and Shadow which caused the scepter to shatter and released Mephiles. Mephiles then went on to cause all sorts of trouble for both Shadow and Sonic. At one point, he even kills Sonic with an energy spear. Sonic is later resurrected and Mephiles is then defeated. So why have you probably not heard of him? Well because he is from Sonic 06 which is possibly the worst Sonic the Hedgehog game released and while Sonic 06 is better left forgotten one of the main antagonists from the game, Mephiles, is worth remembering.

13. Sonia the Hedgehog

Sonia the Hedgehog is one of the main characters in both the Sonic Underground tv series and comic series of the same name. She is the daughter of Queen Aleena as well as being Sonic’s sister. When she was very young, she was separated from her siblings Sonic and Manic. Their mother separated them because an oracle appeared and told her that it would be the only way to save their lives. Sonia was sent to live with an aristocrat and that was where she learned how to play the keyboard. She eventually met both Sonic and Manic and together they formed a band. When Dr. Robotnik captured their adoptive parents and robotized them. Sonia, Sonic, and Manic formed an alliance and set out to stop Dr. Robotnik while looking for their real mother.

Sonia has incredible skills when it comes to playing the keyboard as it has also helped her fight foes. When the Sonic Underground cartoon ended, years later her journey continued in the Sonic comics. Unfortunately, though she was presumably erased from existence when the Super Genesis Wave went off. Sonia the Hedgehog is one skilled keyboardist who will easily outplay anybody else on this list.

12. Honey the Cat

Honey the Cat was a scrapped character for the arcade release of Sonic the Fighters. Years later when Sonic the Fighters was re-released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, she was added as a secret character which can be chosen if you go to Amy’s picture on the character select screen and pressing start. Honey the Cat was modeled after the Fighting Vipers character, Honey. Fighting Vipers was another Sega fighting game that ran on the same engine that was used for Sonic the Fighters.

In the Sonic comic series, she is the founder, CEO, and designer for Honey Brand Clothes and Accessories. So why haven’t you probably heard of her? Well, because she was a scrapped character from a Sonic fighting game from the 90s only to make an appearance as a secret character almost two decades later. For someone who has such a bold style, she certainly is low key.

11. Antoine D’ Coolette

Unless you read the Sonic the Hedgehog comics, you’re not going to know who Antoine D’ Coolette is, because despite being a main character in the Sonic comic series and one of Sonic’s greatest allies, he has not made a single appearance in any of the video games and that’s including cameo appearances. Antoine is a coyote who is somewhat skittish in his behavior. Although he has envied Sonic throughout the years for his speed, he is able to do something that Sonic is not able to do and that is that he’s able to speak French.

With the help of his father’s sword, he has assisted Sonic many times against Eggman and is one of the main members of the Freedom Fighters. The Freedom Fighters are a group of heroes who came together to oppose Eggman and his tyranny over their planet. While Antoine D’ Coolette may not have the speed that Sonic has, he certainly has the heart Sonic has as he always will stand up and defend his friends.