Is Ape Escape Getting A New Game for its 20th Anniversary?

Could a new Ape Escape Twitter account and a YouTube video celebrating 20 years of Ape Escape be hinting at something more?

Ape Escape turned 20 this year as it was first released for the PlayStation back May 31, 1999. The Ape Escape game series had players capturing the crazed apes in order to prevent them from rewriting history. Ape Escape was one of PlayStation’s big platformers back during the PS1 days and it was also the first game ever that had controls which required players to have a DualShock controller. It has been a long time though since Ape Escape last had a proper release.

While there have been a couple of spinoff games that have released over the years, the last time a new mainline game was released was Ape Escape 3 and that was back at the very beginning of 2006. With the recent success that other classic PlayStation franchises have seen by getting remade over the past few years like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Shadow of the Colossus, and the upcoming Medievil, is it possible that Sony could be getting ready to remake Ape Escape or give it a proper sequel? Maybe.

Sony not only just recently opened a new official Twitter account for Ape Escape but also tweeted the following;

The text translates into “Twenty years since then. I’ve been running around for a long time but I wonder if there is anyone else out there to chase…?” While it is just a tweet the fact that it states “Is anyone else out there to chase?” could quite possibly hint that there is a remake, sequel, or collection of remakes or remasters in the works.

In addition, PlayStation Japan’s official YouTube channel just yesterday shared a video celebrating 20 years of Ape Escape. Would Sony really just create a brand new Twitter account and share a video celebrating 20 years of something they don’t plan on revitalizing? I don’t think so. And since we saw nothing from Sony at this past E3 it’s possible a new or remade Ape Escape could quite possibly be one of the many new games they have one of their development teams working on.

If you can’t wait to see if Sony is going to remake Ape Escape or give it a new sequel, you can play Ape Escape 2 on the PS4 right now. Either purchase it on the PlayStation Store or if you’re a subscriber of PlayStation Now you can play it that was as well. We’ll also be sure to share any new info we find out about any new remake or sequel having to do with Ape Escape.