For fans of car racing, Formula 1 2019 is set to release on June 28th, 2019. This year’s Formula 1 season has been met with a lot of drama, especially with the Sebastian Vettel Canadian GP issue. This is a good time to get on the Formula 1 train as this is turning out to be a great season. This game is one of the biggest single improvements in the game to date, with better engine sounds, more realistic driving, better graphics, and even more tracks. This game is sure to not disappoint. The most interesting part of this iteration is that the new career mode. The new mode allows you to be able to interact with the Media and based on what you say, it will affect how you negotiate your contracts, your R&D money allocations, and how you’re perceived by your fans. Be sure to pick up a copy of F1 2019 and hit the track!

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