Pokémon Sword And Shield Nintendo Tree House 2019

During the Nintendo Treehouse event for 2019, they had shown some live gameplay of the new Pokémon RPG series Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. The Pokémon Director and Pokémon game producer attended this live showing and were there answering questions about the game in general and about the new features that were added to the series. Lets take a peak at the new Pokémon game launching in November 2019.

Wild Area
The area connecting many different towns across the Galar region known as the “Wild Area” is home to a great variety of Pokémon that you will come across in your journey. Utilizing the camera rotation in this area, discovering different kinds of Pokémon and items will be one of the highlights for this series. We were informed during the Pokémon direct that the weather will influence the kinds of Pokémon you can encounter, which should make it exciting to re-visit this area. Additionally, since the wild area is connecting different cities you may very well be visiting it numerous times throughout the game. During the Treehouse event, they also mentioned that there is a mixture of random encounters and direct encounters. Random encounters being signified by an exclamation point (!) which result in an encounter with a wild Pokémon whose sprite you did not directly run into. Direct encounters being encounters with a Pokémon you run into triggering an encounter. Also, there was a “whistle” action mentioned that you can do having a different effect depending on the Pokémon. One use can be to attract flying Pokémon that you would be unable to reach otherwise. Another feature that was mentioned was regarding a number of different icons that could appear on the left hand side of the screen, notifying the player of other players that are around them. The notifications appear indicating a type of action the playing wishes to engage in. As more and more information has been revealed, the Wild area seems to be the place to explore and interact with others.

As mentioned before, Dynamax is a feature that transforms your Pokémon into a giant version, increasing its stats and changing its moves into Dynamax moves. It can only be used once time per battle and after three turns the Pokémon will revert back to its original form. Using this feature can be a significant part in the overall outcome of the battle. During the Treehouse live gameplay, an example of a Max raid battle is played with 4 players battling a Dynamaxed Pokémon. Prior to entering the battle each player can choose which Pokémon they would like to take into battle as the chosen Pokémon cannot be switch for the duration of that battle. Furthermore, the Dynamaxed Pokémon is able to attack more that once during its turn so be on your guard! It was also revealed that the Dynamaxed Pokémon was able to put up a magic barrier nullifying all damage while the barrier is active. With these few surprises who knows what the Max raid battles have in store when the game launches on November 15, 2019!