The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Tree House 2019

During Nintendo’s presentation for E3 2019 a recreation of one of the first Zelda games was announced called The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. This game is a remake of the original. The release date is set for September 20th and during the Nintendo Treehouse event, live gameplay of the stunning new take of this game was revealed! Watch the video below to see the vibrant recreation of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Characters out of this World
An interesting showing of different Nintendo characters are revealed! A Yoshi doll is seen in one of the shops at the beginning of the gameplay footage. They talk about how it gives off a sense of mystery since the game looks and feels similar to the original. There is also a Chomp Chomp in front of a house which made me think you wouldn’t be able to approach it without having it charge straight at you. Perhaps there will be other familiar characters waiting to be discovered.

Side scrolling sections
There will be some puzzles or sections of the game where side scrolling type of gameplay will kick in. The developer of Mario took part in the development of Link’s Awakening so appearance of Mario characters and Mario style gameplay has made its way into the Zelda series despite not having much of it before.

Chamber Dungeon
The Chamber Dungeon is a feature that allows players to create their own dungeons using pieces of puzzles that you have cleared. It is easy enough for people to play but still feels like a puzzle due to the components of creating a dungeon. The chambers are broken up into the number of door ways the chamber has as well as several different types of rooms (ex. treasure chest rooms) that will be fun discovering. The Dungeons you make yourself will also be timed when you try completing them. So, you can challenge yourself to beat your dungeon faster and faster, or you can even challenge your friends!

Our Take
I really enjoying seeing the chamber dungeon feature footage. It made me imagine the look on some of my friends faces as they (hopefully) struggled to complete my well designed dungeon. I always have a fondness for things that stimulate creativity in people and this is an interesting way to go about it! Its also, as I can only imagine, always a treat to have a game you enjoyed dearly have a rebirth where you can enjoy it once more and let a little bit of the nostalgia back into your life. Its also great to know that the new generation gets a chance to experience the stories or games that created fond memories of those during that time. Although there will be no nostalgic feelings accompanying those who will be playing it for the first time, I do believe if done correctly as it seems this remake has been, it should have a similar impact on players of all ages.