Square Enix Unsure How Many Parts Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be

At Square Enix‘s E3 Conference, we were made clear that Final Fantasy VII Remake will span over multiple parts. And that the first part, the one being released on March 3, 2020, will focus solely on the events in Midgar.

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It will be a much more immersive and in-depth telling of the events than in the original game. Game Producer, Yoshinori Kitase, stated that the first part alone is to take up two Blu-Ray discs.

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At a behind the scenes presentation of the game with Kitase, he was asked about how many games in total will it be to cover the entire story of Final Fantasy VII. In response, Kitase was unsure at the moment as they do not know themselves. He also stated that the development gap between each part is not expected to be drastically shorter.

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After the presentation, Square Enix PR clarified some of the comments made as they have already begun early development for the second volume of the game, but want to focus solely on the first part that is set to launch next Spring.