Project Scarlett Releasing Holiday 2020 Alongside Halo Infinite

Microsoft announced details about its Xbox Project Scarlett including it’s release time frame at Microsoft’s Xbox Briefing today. The Xbox Project Scarlett will have a custom designed processor from AMD in it that will make it four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. Xbox Project Scarlet will also have a variable refresh rate and next-gen ray tracing. The SSD in the Project Scarlett will actually be used for virtual ram. This will allow for more details to be added to the game world and much faster load times. Microsoft with Project Scarlett hopes to make it easier for both their first-party and third-party partners to develop the games they have envisioned the way they envisioned them in addition to making it easier for players to stay connected and experience those games.

Xbox Project Scarlett will also be released during Holdiay 2020 alongside Halo: Infinite which received a new trailer today. Halo: Infinite looks to have players continue the fight as Master Chief. Look forward to both Halo: Infinite.

Check out the trailer for Halo: Infinite below!