On-Site: EA Play 2019

Electronic Arts hosted its annual EA Play event at The Palladium in Hollywood, California over the weekend, kickstarting what is to be a very busy week in the gaming world as E3 2019 is on the horizon. For the many wondering, Skate 4 was, yet again, NOT announced. If you can deal with another EA event without a Skate 4 reveal, you were in for a treat as EA previewed the newest iterations of some of its biggest titles.

Thousands of gamers lined up around Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard and Argyle Avenue to enter EA’s free event. Once past security and into the event area, guests were treated to lots of freebies and complimentary water and ice cream, which was a must as temperatures quickly began to rise.

The Main Stage of the event had some seating area for fans to watch and listen in on EA Play’s Live Stream about all the updates and releases of new games. You can watch the livestream down below

Demos of two of EA’s biggest sports titles, Madden and FIFA, were available to play before their August 2019 release and queues were full right as soon as doors opened. FIFA’s booth had a mini-soccer field attached to it, with plenty of spectator space for overlooking actual matches. Booths for Battlefield V, Anthem and The Sims 4 also lined the entrance way and had quite a line as well.

One of EA’s hottest and newest titles, Apex Legends – a Battle Royale shooter, had one of the more impressive booths with extensive theming and scenery. “Bunkers” were used as gaming stations, character cosplayers posed for pictures with fans, and sculptures of various characters from the game were scattered around the environment. Plenty of merchandise was made available for purchase as well.

One of the biggest and busiest booths was for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The line was incredibly long. We questioned an enthusiastic fan in line about how long he had been waiting and said that he had been waiting for about 45 minutes, though was approximately a quarter of the way through the queue. Admittedly we were on time constraints and couldn’t afford to wait in the queue so we questioned a group of fans who had just finished what we thought was a gameplay demo of the game. They enlightened us that it was merely a gameplay trailer, about 14 minutes long, showcasing alpha gameplay footage.

EA hosting events like EA Play is one of the better ways for developers to show off new and upcoming games and updates by letting the gamers delve into the universe firsthand. Even though another year passed without a Skate 4 announcement, the event was still a worthwhile experience as there was no shortage of activities to do, freebies to snag, and people to share precious gaming experiences with.