Nintendo World Championship Tournaments 2019.

Top players from around the world face off for the 2019 invitational playing 3v3 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon 2, and Super Mario Maker 2. The Tournament will be played with a variety of rules different for each game. Please watch the video below to see who/which teams will win the Nintendo World Championship for 2019!!

The Super Mario Maker 2 tournament was played with 2 rounds and the finals. For round 1, a pair of players competed on a courses they’ve never seen before, racing to see who would complete the course first. The player with the best overall time will choose a partner to team up with for round 2. Round 2 was played in teams of two where they worked together to complete a co-op course as quickly as possible. The winning team would then compete against each other in the finals. The finals had two players compete on 3 mini-courses and one final course. Each win on the mini-courses would be worth a 3-sec head start on the final course. The winner of the Super Mario Maker 2 invitational 2019 will be the first player to complete the finals course.

Splatoon 2’s tournament was played with opening rounds to start (ink pools). Teams would play 2 games of Turf wars in a mini-seeding bracket where each team would be ranked by their win-loss ratio. After the ink pools, they will enter the semi-finals. The semi-finals were a best of 5 playing on all the different rank modes until a winner was decided. The order of the Modes were as follows: Tower control, Clam blitz, Splat zones, rainmakers, then tower control again.
The Finals was a best of 7 were the final two teams would compete in the different rank modes for the title of Splatoon 2 world champions invitational 2019.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Rules are shown in the image above. The teams faced off having a player from that respective team play in a 1v1 timed match with items on low. Following a 2v2 match for game two. The Semi-finals were conducted between 4 teams. They played squad strike tag team, a 1v1 where each player choses a character that will act as a stock for that team. Best of 3 with items on low. The Finals were the same rules as the semi-finals but between the remaining 2 teams playing a best of 5 match. The winner will be crowned the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate word champions for the 2019 invitational.

Our Take
The Super Mario Maker 2 tournament rules were interesting to see since the courses were custom designed. That being said, the players were playing on courses they have never seen before. This was interesting to see as the players didn’t know what to expect and were tested on their ability to adapt faster as it was a race to see who can finish first. The Splatoon 2 tournament was awesome to see since they competed at a variety of different ranked games where they can choose what weapons to use depending on the objective and map. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was different than I expected since the items were on low. This is interesting to see as there was underlining tension with the random appearance of items during the battle.
Overall, the Nintendo World Championship 2019 was awesome to see since the players had to be top players from around the world.