Apex Legends Season 2 and Ranked Mode Coming Soon

Apex Legends had some new details about its upcoming season 2 announced today. Apex Legends season 2 will release on July 2 and will contain a ton of new content such as a new weapon, a map event, and a new legend.

Wattson is the new legend, who all the other legends know because she grew up around the arena. She uses electrical fences to not only damage enemies, but slow them as well. Her passive ability which is called Spark of Genius hastens her ultimate charge time. Interception Pylon is her Ultimate and allows her to charge teammates shields along with shooting down grenades.

A ranked mode will also be coming to Apex Legends that will have six tiers to progress through and a special matchmaking for all six tiers will also be available. Depending on where you have landed during the season will affect what rewards you get at the end of the season. The L-Star weapon from Titanfall 2 will also be in Apex Legends season 2, however the ammo will be limited as once you use the ammo you have for the L-Star you will not be able to pick up anymore for the rest of the match. Look forward to all these additions and more when Season 2 comes to Apex Legends on July 2.