Kingdom Hearts III “ReMIND” DLC Revealed

At the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres concert in Los Angeles, Kingdom Hearts III‘s DLC was officially announced and is expected to release this Winter.

20190118_Kingdom Hearts Web LFS5

Previously announced at the first orchestra concert in Japan by Series Director, Tetsuya Normura, he made another appearance at the end of the Los Angeles show and presented the audience in attendance with first-hand footage of the upcoming DLC.

The 90-second trailer contained various cutscenes of, presumably, the Master of Masters interacting with Young Xehanort, asking him about “The World Tour”, and with Young Xehanort replying that he realized his presence was more important than he thought.

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 12.09.10 AM


Another scene was shown of Luxord, interrogating Xigbar, or Luxu, questioning him about his true identity, whilst Xigbar asking the same back.



It was also shown that there will be additional characters to be playable. Aqua and Riku, who were playable in the base game, and Roxas, the fan favorite, was shown to be playable as well.




Another gameplay footage was shown Sora using the Oathkeeper keyblade, as well as teasing a new transformation that went along with it.


Nomura was also quoted saying that there will be more scenes in this DLC that the fans will surely enjoy.