Image: IKEA

IKEA, Area Academy, and UNYQ Create UPPKOPPLA Gaming Accessory Line

Image: IKEA

IKEA has announced their upcoming UPPKOPPLA line, a product line with E-Sports and the gamer in mind. Teaming up with 3D printing design company UNYQ, and Area Academy, which hosts educational programs and courses aimed at E-Sports, IKEA strives to improve life for gamers at home by creating ergonomically inspired accessories.


In an interview with IKEA’s Creative Leader Michael Nikolic, he states that “It’s true that we haven’t seen the full potential of this group earlier and we haven’t looked into their specific needs at home as much as we should. There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding gamers. In fact, it is a large group of people in all ages where gaming is even a full-time job for some.” Per the Inter IKEA Group, it has been stated that “The ambition is that new learnings from personalisation for gamers will lead to solutions also for people suffering from, for instance, physical disabilities or physical strains. It can also shorten the supply chains, minimise waste and shorten transports – ending up with more sustainable products.”

The three party collaboration which started more than a year ago has worked to create 3 prototypes, a mouse bungee for precision gaming, customized keycaps, and a wristband to help with support and prevent injury.

CEO of UNYQ, Eythor Bender has stated that “By working with IKEA, we can explore new ways to leverage a concept we’ve been working with for years, as well as the technological process to implement it. Understanding individuals’ unique needs are what drives UNYQ’s strategy and are the basis for all of our products – we feel completely aligned with IKEA on this mission.” The Founder and CEO of Area Academy, Tommy Ingemarsson added that ”It’s actually striking how unexplored this part of the gaming industry is. Focus has always been on the hardware, and everything else has been ignored.”

The UPPKOPPLA line is expected to go on sale in 2020.