Celeste Chapter 9 Free DLC Will Have Over 100 New Levels

Celeste, the cutthroat platformer is getting over 100 new levels for its upcoming free chapter 9 DLC. The developer mentions this in the tweet below that while there is no release date to look forward to, by the sound of it, no less than adequate effort is being put in. Those that enjoy the struggle and repetition that this super-tight platformer demands will have a chance to enjoy plenty of new levels, as the new levels are bound to be just as hard if not harder than the levels from chapters 1-8.

Celeste is a 2D platformer game that was actually nominated for various game of the year awards due to its gameplay, soundtrack, and story. If you want to check out Celeste you can do so now on the PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Our take

It’s great to see DLC like this. The fact that it’s free and that there are so many new levels being added just goes to show you how much love the developers have for Celeste and making its fans happy.