World Size Teased For Death Stranding

From the full reveal trailer that came out for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, we were given a better understanding of what the game is about and the world it takes place in.

As Sam Bridges, you are to explore the ravaged wastelands of what was once the United States of America and help reconnect the fragmented society that remains.

screencap 16

The game was shown to be exploration heavy as you’ll be navigating throughout different environments and encountering various threats that wreak havoc across the land.

screencap 15

Hideo Kojima, in a tweet, teased just how immersive and expansive the world of Death Stranding will be.

Kojima emphasizes that the mountain is an actual explorable area, not just a set piece for background or a boundary of the world. It gives the impression that the exploring all of land in Death Stranding to be a daunting task with so much to do.

Our Take:

This statement by Kojima, can easily set the world of Death Stranding apart from many of the other open-world  games. Immersion is easily deterred in these other games with clear boundaries and places that are blocked off by barriers. Death Stranding, based off trailers, seems to be a game that will utilize everything in its world.

screencap 13