Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Getting A VR Mode

According to the SSBUbot, the ever growing VR technology has enabled a VR mode for Nintendo’s beloved multi-character mash up, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The announcement doesn’t mention much about what we should be expecting other than it being playable using the Toy-con VR goggles.

With the relatively affordable Toy-con VR goggles and the chance to smash your friends (or the computer) in a whole new perspective, the chance to try VR is readily available. Before virtual reality gets to the point that every gamer dreams of, this is another chance to enjoy it as it continues to grow. After all, the option to experience the well know party fighting game in a different way will be something to look forward to. Who wouldn’t enjoy changing up the way we play? Especially with a game that can capture as big as an audience as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.