Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Revealed

Call of Duty 2019 has been officially revealed as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and is set to release October 25, 2019.

As the name suggests, the Modern Warfare series is coming back with a “soft-reboot” of sorts and is being developed by the group that started it all, Infinity Ward.

Modern Warfare is taking a reimagined approach on the popular series and is looking to better reflect today’s battlefield.

The campaign is aiming to bring the most relevant, intense, and deep experience the Call of Duty franchise has yet to have. Players will be immersed in several missions ranging from covert, close-quarters, and long range operations. They’ll also be fighting alongside various special forces and freedom fighters in places ranging from Europe, all the way to the Middle East.

mw 6

Most notably from the trailer is the apparent return of Captain John Price and Bravo Six, the iconic British leader and his SAS squadron from the original Modern Warfare trilogy. He appears to be a main character in this campaign, but we’ll have to see where they take his character.

captain price

There will also be a Co-Operative Mode available as well, though much information hasn’t been revealed other than its description on pre-order listings.

“Squad-up and play cooperatively in a collection of elite operations accessible to all skill levels.”

Based off it’s description, it is quite possible to assume that this mode aims to be similar to Spec-Ops mode that was in Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3.

mw 2

Multiplayer is also making new waves in this installment for two notable reasons.

First, this year’s Call of Duty will have a cross platform multiplayer experience. Meaning that players will be able to play the game with those on XBOX One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Second is that Activision is abandoning the season pass formula that has been at the disdain of many fans for years. Instead, all maps post-launch will be free of charge for players.

mw 5

Patrick Kelly, Creative Director and Co-Studio Head of Infinity Ward, says that, “Every design decision has been made with our players in mind…”. Kelly also emphasized that cross-play support are steps to, “…unite the community.”. There will be more free content and information still to be revealed for the game.

mw 1

Lastly, Playstation will continue to have their exclusivity rights for additional content for Call of Duty. Meaning that players on Playstation will get to experience new content first before those on other platforms.