Death Stranding Full Reveal

In a 9-Minute long reveal trailer for Death Stranding, we were finally given the release date for the much anticipated and revolutionary game from Hideo Kojima.

Mark your calendars for November 8, 2019 as the day Death Stranding will launch exclusively on the Playstation 4.

The trailer gave us a much better understanding of Death Stranding’s story and the world it takes place in.

screencap 3

Caused by mysterious explosions that shook the Earth, a series of supernatural events known as the “Death Stranding” has released unworldly creatures into a world in which civilization is fragmented and mankind is on the brink of extinction.

You play as Sam Porter Bridges, Norman Reedus’ character, and travel across the wastelands of what was once the United States of America and try to reconnect the fragmented society that remains and save humanity from coming threats.

screencap 11

Along the way, you’ll face threats such as the spectral creatures caused by the “Death Stranding”, as well as resistance groups who have risen from the ashes of what was left behind.

screencap 12

We also have the character roles that will be played by other stars in this talented cast.

Mads Mikkelsen will be playing the role of Cliff.

screencap 7

Léa Seydoux playing the role of Fragile.

screencap 2

Lindsay Wagner playing as the character Amelie.

screencap 6

Legendary film maker, Guillermo del Toro, will be appearing as Deadman.


Lastly, Kojima explained in a tweet that the game heavily emphasizes the connection between people and developing those relationships. He also explained that gameplay and story aspects are all united together under this common theme.

To pre-order and check out more information about the game, click here.