First Look: Dance Dance Revolution A20 Arcade Cabinet

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) arcade game and earlier in the year at the Japanese Amusement Expo (JAEPO) in Japan, it was announced that they were to commemorate the milestone with a new, all-gold arcade cabinet, with beautiful accenting lights and illuminated pad arrows which were absent from the previous version of the arcade cabinet.

Since the announcement, the resurging DDR scene in America couldn’t wait to find out when these cabs would hit stateside. It would seem that in early May 2019, these cabs started making their way to several Round 1‘s in the States. The FrameLag team is fortunate enough to live near several Round 1’s, including the actual FIRST Round 1 to open in the States, so it was only natural for us to come to Puente Hills Mall and check out the machine firsthand.

The machine itself is stunning, an absolute neck breaker. The Gold really catches your attention. The cabinet boasts a 55″ LCD screen, which is a whole 12″ bigger than the previous iteration and displays the arrows and visuals vividly. The Arrows on the pads illuminate when stepped on, which for some reason the previous version omitted, and the corners of the pads now feature LED lights that remain lit to help reflect off the all of the Gold on the machine. Pictures and video absolutely do not give this machine justice. It really is something you need to see for yourself if you are even remotely interested in aesthetics, which most video arcade machines don’t have much of.

It really is great to know that Konami acknowledges the scene in America enough to send these cabinets Stateside. The skill level of Americans, such as Chris Chike (iamchris4life), holder of several world records and is arguably the best player in the world, may singlehandedly be one of the reasons this cabinet even made its way stateside. The resurgence of the game stateside has been noticeable by arcade goers and gamers alike, hopefully echoing over seas, so we can continue to get updates to iconic games such as this, keeping what’s left of America’s arcade scene alive and thriving.

Photos: Joe Vincent Castro @joevincentcastro