Sony Launches PlayStation Studios to Make TV Shows and Movies

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the chairman at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shawn Layden said that he feels now is a good time to expand their massive library of games to other entertainment mediums such as streaming, tv shows, and movies. Layden also brought up that they are opting to go this route of developing and producing the tv shows and movies themselves instead of licensing the rights of their franchises out because they’re more familiar with the PlayStation properties and know what the PlayStation community loves.

Layden went on to say that they are taking inspiration from what Marvel has done with movies and if you look at older video game adaptations, the writers and directors didn’t understand the world of the video game of the movie they were making. Layden continued by saying the following;

The real challenge is, how do you take 80 hours of gameplay and make it into a movie? The answer is, you don’t. What you do is you take that ethos you write from there specifically for the film audience. You don’t try to retell the game in a movie.

Shawn Layden to The Hollywood Reporter

PlayStation Studios and Shawn Layden’s goal is to bring more ways for PlayStation fans to experience their favorite games. Depending on the game franchise and the franchise’s story will depend on which format it’s in. PlayStation Studios is also to be working on a Twisted Metal tv series. It is unknown at this time if PlayStation Studios plans to make any original I.P.s or if all of their tv shows and movies will be based on already established PlayStation properties.

Our take

The success of PlayStation Studios really falls on it’s first few projects and if they are a success or not. Shawn Layden seems confident that they will have both writers and directors who understand the video game worlds of the film projects they are working on. If this is the case that would be a huge help as the reason most video game movie adaptations fail is that the writers and directors have a lack of knowledge or respect for the video game adaptation they are working on. So if that could be avoided it would be a huge help in making the adaptation feel more authentic to the video game franchise it takes place in.