Rainbow 6: Siege Operation Phantom Sight – Everything You Need To Know

At the Rainbow 6: Siege Pro League Finals in Milan, Italy; Ubisoft announced all the details pertaining to the upcoming season, Operation Phantom Sight. We’ve already reported on the some of the details including the new attacking operator Nøkk in a previous article, but we will go ahead and reiterate all the information released this weekend.


Nøkk is a new Attacking Operator from Denmark that can be best described as a cross between defending operators Vigil and Caveira. She is a 2 Speed, 2 Armor operator with 2 options for Primary and Secondary weapons. Her special gadget is the HEL, which when activated, hides her image from cameras, and opponents’ tools such as Drones, Bulletproof Cameras and Evil Eyes. Her footsteps will also be silenced for a period of time while HEL is active. The HEL has limited uses, but can be reused after cooldown.


Warden is a 1 Speed, 3 Armor Defending Operator from the United States Secret Service, also equipped with 2 options for Primary and Secondary weapons. Warden’s special ability comes from his Glance Smart Glasses. While active, his glasses prevent Warden from being smoked or flashed by enemy weapons. He can see right through smoke that otherwise would hinder the ability to see enemy units. The effect only remains active when Warden stays stationary and has limited uses but chargeable during cooldown

Kafe Dostyevsky Rework

Kafe Dostyevsky has a new, modified layout to help balance and improve gameplay and firefights on the map. Outside, there is little to no difference other than a couple of windows that are no longer breachable and a new hatch on the roof, but inside is where you’ll see most of the changes. The first floor North entrance has been modified to resemble a high-end catering business. The second floor now has 2 new bomb sites, in Fireplace Hall and Reading Room. The stairs from the Main Entrance have also been repositioned. The third floor has received a lot of change, adding balconies to the Cigar Shop and Cocktail Lounge. There are also many small aesthetic changes to the map to help with theming and sight lines for gun play.

Ranked Playlist Update

Ranked Playlists will be getting an update as well, adding Pick & Bans and 3 round rotations. Bomb will also be the only playable objective. 6th pick is not available to Ranked Playlists yet, but is still available to Custom Matches. The Ranked menu is also redesigned to show your Rank and the ranks of others, as well as your progression through the ranks and rulesets.

New Shop Front

The R6 Shop also received a small visual upgrade, with a newer more streamlined layout.

Lesion Elite Set

A new Elite Set for defending operator Lesion was announced. No longer rocking the cargo shorts and Nike Dunks on the battlefield, Lesion’s new look gives him a more serious look. Purely just an aesthetic change, there are no changes to his gameplay.

Operator Balancing

Glaz, Finka, Smoke also have updates done to them, most importantly Glaz’s OTS-03 Optic now requires him to stand completely still to see enemies highlighted in Yellow. Audio fixes have been made to Finka’s Adrenaline Surge and Smoke now gets a different optic for his FMG-9. The Desert Eagle handgun also gets an update and is now capable to have a Muzzle Brake or Suppressor affixed to it.

General Tweaks, Improvements and Bug Fixes

There are several general tweaks, improvements and bug fixes in addition to everything we’ve covered so far. Most important comes in Game Balancing, where certain win and loss conditions have been changed as listed above.

For a full list of the bug fixes, as well as Ubisoft’s full release information, click here.