Next Generation PlayStation’s Ability for Cross-Gen Play is a “Critical Success Factor”

One of the many questions from a Q&A following Sony’s Investor Relations Day involved backwards compatibility between Sony’s Next Generation console and the PlayStation 4. Sony’s CEO Jim Ryan said that in a network era, backwards compatibility is “something that’s extremely powerful.”

It was already speculated that Sony’s Next Generation system would include backwards compatibility with the PS4 but it is clear now that Sony wants to implement it in the next system as it is a “really critical success factor” and it is “incredibly important”

Our Take

This was something that we at FrameLag are very passionate about, as many of us actually use the PlayStation as our main gaming platform and the inclusion of backwards compatibility on the PS5 something we agree wholeheartedly with. This is something we believe is imperative, as it is much simpler to pop in your old games into one new system instead of using up shelf space with two or three different systems and plugging them in just to play some older games.