John Wick LTM Now Available in Fortnite

Wick’s Bounty which is a Fortnite Limited Time Mode that is a crossover with John Wick is now available to play in Fortnite. This mode allows you to earn free rewards by completing challenges and eliminating bounties. The first player to fulfill the order will win, but the further ahead you get in Wick’s Bounty the more of a target you become for other players.

Some of the free rewards you can earn in this mode include the Gold Token Back Bling, The One Shot, Glider, and The Boogeyman Wrap. Players will also be able to get the John Wick set during this LTM. So if you want to play Wick Bounty log into Fortnite and if you want more info on the LTM, check out Epic Games official website.

Watch the Wick’s Bounty Trailer Below