Earthworm Jim Gets 25th Anniversary Edition

Earthworm Jim is getting a 25th Anniversary release on the Super Nintendo. The release will contain both Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Jim 2 on a combo-cartridge. The cartridge will be on a pink cartridge, however 1 out of every 20 cartridges will be on a rare cartridge with cow print.

The release is being handled by iam8bit who has handled limited edition and anniversary collections for other games. The manufacturing for the release is being handled by both Retrotainment Games and Infinite NES Lives. This anniversary release is both an anniversary release and a limited release as only 2000 cartridges are being made.

The Anniversary release will include a custom fold-out foil box with gloss embellishments, an instruction booklet and include some retro pack-in surprises. Earthworm Jim Anniversary Edition is available for pre-order on May 21st on iam8bit for $134.99.