Red Dead Online Exits Beta and Officially Launches

Today the world of Red Dead Online received a huge update as it exited its beta and officially launched. The update includes new cooperative story missions, more free roam activities for you to partake in, and Poker! Players of Red Dead Online can now play Poker at various locations across the map. As of right now, Texas Hold ’em is the only Poker variation playable right now, but that could change over time. The update also comes with bug fixes and stabilization improvements that will increase your experience when playing Red Dead Online. New clothing like ponchos is available as well. If you’re hoping that the update has brought any new weapons along with it you’re in luck because a new revolver was released with the ability to shoot shotgun shells.

One major difference that the launch of Red Dead Online has brought with it is the two different world modes players can choose between. Offensive or defensive. If you choose offensive, Red Dead Online plays as it always has, with players able to shoot each other and do equal damage to each other when attacking. If players choose defensive mode, players will receive less damage when getting attacked and if a certain player is continuously attacking and being hostile to other players in the world, that player will then become easier to spot on the map and when they die they will eventually respawn in a completely different region. In defensive mode, players also can’t be targeted with auto-aim or lassoed.

Red Dead Online is a free open world online mode in Red Dead Redemption 2 that allows players to play in the world of Red Dead Redemption with fellow players online. The beta has been available since the end of November but with Red Dead Online officially launching it is bound to bring in new players. If you have Red Dead Redemption 2, you can play Red Dead Online for free now. For all the details about the launch of Red Dead Online, you can check out Rockstar Games official website here.

Our take

While I absolutely loved Red Dead Redemption 2, I could never really get into Red Dead Online and I think that was because I was always getting attacked by other players and lassoed. With the new defensive mode, it makes me hopeful that I can actually play the game online without being attacked every time another player passes by, with the introduction of the defensive mode I will definitely be checking out Red Dead Online.