Fantastic God of War Documentary “Raising Kratos” Now Available

PlayStation’s YouTube channel just released a fantastic documentary going through the development period of 2018’s Game of the Year winner God of War. The documentary shows not only all the different development and conceptual stages of the game but also shows all the highs and lows that the God of War’s development team goes through while developing the game. One of the main focuses of the documentary is how God of War’s director, Cory Barlog wanted to take the franchise, reboot it and make it better than it’s ever been before and the documentary takes you through the development’s team whole process of doing just that. From the team’s first meeting where they pitched last year’s God of War to the E3 2016 reveal to when it won The Game of the Year in 2018. You’ll see all the development stages. Even if you don’t play God of War but have an interest in the gaming industry or game development, it’s worth the watch due to just how educational and interesting the documentary is. The documentary is a little less than two hours and can be viewed on YouTube or below.

Watch the documentary below

Our take

I love seeing documentaries released about games like this as it’s great to see the development process of such a critically acclaimed game. The documentary was also great because it showed the struggles that Santa Monica Studios as a studio went through during the development stages of God of War which really allows viewers to see just how much hard work go into making a game like this. I highly recommend watching Raising Kratos if you want an inside look at the process and timeline of game development.