Ubisoft Introduces Reverse Friendly Fire System For Rainbow Six Siege

In an attempt to help deter team killing in Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft has announced that they will be rolling out a Reverse Friendly Fire (RFF) System. Ubisoft has stated that the RFF System is not in its final version, and that future iterations and improvements will help further increase its effectiveness based off of gameplay data and player feedback. All information pertaining to the update can be found on Ubisoft’s DevBlog here.

Effects of Reverse Friendly Fire System:

YouTube channel iceycat25 has a short but comprehensive video explaining how the RFF System works:


While it is good to see Ubisoft addressing an issue that affects every player that plays Rainbow Six:Siege, we think it takes away from the realism that has drawn so many people to this game in the first place. Yes, you won’t get team killed right off spawn or for the sake of being team killed, but the ability to even do such an action is part of what attributes to the realism in the first place. Only time will tell how much this will affect the flow of the game.