Steam Hits a Major Milestone

According to PCGamesN, Valve’s game platform Steam has hit one billion accounts. While this doesn’t mean there are one billion people with Steam accounts as some of these accounts are bound to be from people with either multiple accounts or people who or no longer active on steam, it is still an impressive accomplishment none the less. In fact just six months ago Valve announced that they had 90 million active monthly users and 47 million daily users. This was a huge increase in monthly active users as a little over a year ago it was Steam was tied with PSN with 67 million monthly users.

Our take

While it’s very impressive that Steam has one billion accounts, what’s more interesting is the fact that Steam has 90 million active users and if this number will continue to increase or actually decrease especially with the rise of the Epic Games Store which has already signed exclusive game deals for games such as Detroit: Become Human and Borderlands 3. Such big exclusive games such as there are bound to lure some Steam users away. So it’ll be interesting to see what Steam’s numbers are for its monthly users in another six months and even more interesting to see what the Epic Games Store’s monthly users numbers are in six months.