On-Site: LVL UP Expo 2019 – Day 3

LVL UP Expo’s final day for 2019 is Sunday and while the Expo is winding down, there is still plenty going on. If you’re a fan of Super Mario Bros. or Dragon Ball Z, LVL UP Expo had panels with voice actors from both. You could go and see Charles Martinet, the voice actor for Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi at the “Meet the Voices Behind Nintendo’s Super Mario!” panel or see Christopher Sabat, the voice behind Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z in the “Meet Epic Duo: Christ Sabat and Eric Vale.” Day 3 of LVL UP Expo’s was a big day for panels with voice actors from some popular franchises. The last of the video game tournament wrapped up today, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and someone walked away as champion, with a championship belt to go along with it.

All weekend long there have been cosplayers from all walks of life but today, there was a Cosplay Contest so cosplayers could see who was truly the best. Cosplayers dressed as anime, comic, and video game characters as well as some Disney Characters while performing fun, serious, and humorous skits. Though there were some amazing cosplays, especially those representing some notable video game franchises, the winners of the “Best Of Show” award was a duo of Disney cosplayers as Kuzco from Emperor’s New Groove, and Mulan/Ping from Mulan. On the floor of the Exhibit Hall, cosplayers who weren’t planning on the entering the cosplay contest could be found, and just because they weren’t entering the cosplay contest that doesn’t mean the quality of their costumes were any less as amazing.

The vendors and artists at the expo were still busy selling their custom merchandise. From pins, posters, shirts featuring your favorite video game or anime characters to new and retro video games. There were so many great things that could be purchased during LVL UP Expo. One particular vendor sold almost exclusively all custom made Fallout merchandise that was made to look like they came straight from the Fallout game universe. Most of the items sold even featured Vault Boy from the Fallout series. With so many cool items found in the exhibition hall, it was definitely worth walking through here to see some of the cool merch that was available.

LVL UP Expo may be one of the smaller Expos but it packs as big a punch as bigger cons/expos. It’s an amazing place for Vegas locals and travelers to come and connect with other like-minded and passionate people who are into video games, anime, technology, and comics. The fact that there are already high attendance numbers and LVL UP Expo has multiple tournaments for not only popular games like Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and CSGO but tournaments for other games like Minecraft and Mario Kart 64 makes LVL UP Expo’s Esports scene different from other video game expos. The tournaments aren’t the only things that are different from other video game expos because while many do have very similar panels to those seen at LVL UP Expo, it’s not very often you see a video game expo hosting a K-Pop dance competition or having its own wrestling ring! LVL UP Expo was an amazing experience and we are so thankful to have had the pleasure to experience and cover such an amazing event.

Photos: Joe Vincent Castro (@joevincentcastro)