On-Site: LVL UP Expo 2019 – Day 2

LVL UP Expo was in full swing come Day 2. The attendance count was high and multiple tournaments and other events were underway.

First, we swung by and checked out some of the indie game developers. A couple of indie game studios that are at LVL UP Expo are working on particularly interesting games. One such game is Dice Tactics, which is developed by Game Wave Studios. This plays very much like a tabletop RPG game complete with dice mechanics and a story, except you play it on your phone. So you can play it wherever you go instead of most tabletop games that require a table. You can upgrade your characters, make moral choices, and gain loot with battles won. It’s also great to know that a game that revolves so heavily around dice mechanics actually uses real-world dice physics. You can download Dice Masters on Android and iOS now.

Another indie game that is at LVL UP Expo is REZ PLZ, which is developed by Long Neck Games. This is a beautiful looking indie game with a very original concept. REZ PLZ is a 2D Puzzle Platformer game where you and a friend control two wizard brothers with the power of resurrection. As players progress through levels, they must work together and be smart if they wish to succeed. Puzzles found in levels require players to sacrifice each other in order to make it through the level. Which shouldn’t be that big of a deal since players can resurrect each other but each player gets only a certain amount of resurrections, meaning players have to really be smart on when they use their sacrifices and resurrections during the game. There is also Megaman power-up aspect in the game where throughout the game players will unlock power-ups that they can later use. REZ PLZ is currently in development and is expected to release later this year on PC and early next year on consoles. There is also a demo available for download on PC that you can download right now. We’ll have more information on both of these games in the near future.

Many attendees today were also taking part in LVL UP Expo’s Side Quest, which had attendees going around LVL UP expo completing certain quests in order to get an exclusive pin. This is a great way to make it so attendees always have something to do throughout the day at LVL UP Expo.

If Smash Bros. and CSGO are games you’re interested in, there were big tournaments filled with intense matches for both that was taking place on Day 2, that those interested in could’ve watched. The winner of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament also didn’t just win a trophy but a championship belt as well. The finales for both tournaments will take place on Sunday, day 3 of LVL UP Expo.

Who doesn’t love some wrestling? Unique to LVL UP Expo, Versus Pro Wrestling had several tilts spread throughout the weekend. There is a full-size wrestling ring in the middle of the show floor and you can hear the action from all over the entire expo, with body slams, flying elbows and leg drops coming from the combatants.

The Main Event for today was the ANX K-Pop Battles, where several dancers, solo and grouped, took the stage to show off their choreography for several different K-Pop Hits. The Main Event room was packed and the crowds were wild. It’s safe to say K-Pop is officially here to stay in America.

The LVL UP Expo’s official after party was also on Day 2. Beginning at 10 PM and lasting until 3 AM at HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor. The after party gave those attending LVL UP Expo a chance to unwind by partying and dancing the night away. Those who were at the after party got to experience a wide variety of different sub-genres of EDM music with LVL UP attendees, vendors, and cosplayers alike.

There is still one more day of LVL UP Expo 2019 to cover, so we’ll be back tomorrow with coverage of the third and final day of LVL UP Expo 2019.

Photos: Joe Vincent Castro (@joevincentcastro)