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Kingdom Hearts III DLC Announced

At the first concert of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres Tour on April 27, Kingdom Hearts’ series director, Tetsuya Nomura, made an appearance and announced the upcoming DLC content for the game which is temporarily titled, Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND.

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Twitter user and YouTuber YanilynGaming who was in attendance the Tokyo concert, was one of the first people to share the announcement.

This is the first time that the series has utilized DLC to expand upon the story of one of their games. In previous titles such as Kingdom Hearts I and Kingdom Hearts II, there would be a re-release of the game with the dub as the Final Mix, and these games would have an extensive amount of additional content compared to the original releases. It would also include Critical Mode, which set the game at a higher difficulty, though it was released with an update. Most notably, the Final Mix versions of the game were never released outside of Japan until the remastered series of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix was released internationally.

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Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND will consist of both free and paid DLC for players.

Paid DLC for the game will consist of two episodes dubbed, “Limit Episode” and “Secret Episode“. These episodic installments will include additional boss battles for you to face, this was something that fans felt is lacking on in the current game. There is another scenario named “ReMIND“, though it is unclear what it would entail other than expand upon the story in Kingdom Hearts III. Also, the paid DLC would also allow Japanese versions of the game to switch to the English voice acting. Yet it is also unclear if the other versions will allow you to switch to the Japanese voice acting for the game.

Free DLC for the game is expected to consist of an additional Keyblade and transformation form to go along with it.

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Our Take

Though much about the specifics of the DLC won’t be made clear until about more information is announced, it is great that there will be additional content coming much sooner than we think.

One of the things we hope to expect from the DLC, other than story expansion, is the return of the battle tournaments that were found in the original Olympus Coliseum and Underworld Coliseum of KH1 and KH2. The fun and challenging tournaments made room for additional boss battles and increased replayability for the games. It was unique as some of the tournaments enforced special rules upon the player, forcing them to adapt to a different play style and utilize certain things from their arsenal, such as summons.

We believe that more information about the DLC has a strong possibility of being announced at the Orchestra’s June 8th concert in Los Angeles. The reason being is that it takes place the weekend before E3 which starts that Tuesday on June 11th, and last year’s Orchestra in Los Angeles was the stage for Kingdom Hearts III’s long awaited release date announcement.