Kingdom Hearts III’s Critical Mode is Coming Tomorrow

Announced by Kingdom Hearts III Director, Tetsuya Nomura on Kingdom Heart’s twitter. Kingdom Hearts III will be getting its Critical Mode added tomorrow, April 23rd. This is the hardest difficulty in the Kingdom Hearts series. Nomura also said in the tweet that they changed things up with this Critical Mode compared to the Critical Mode from previous games in the series. How they changed it up though remains to be seen. You can view the tweet below or read our review on Kingdom Hearts III here.

Our take

In previous Kingdom Hearts games, critical mode made the enemies you encounter stronger and have more health while making Sora weaker. It’s possible that changing things up from the previous games mean that they could’ve added more enemies during encounters making the battles that much longer and more intense. Other than that it’s hard to see what they could’ve changed up. Thankfully we won’t have to wait very long to find out.