PlayStation 5 Details Revealed by Mark Cerny

In an exclusive interview with Wired, PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny revealed some details about the PlayStation 5. It should be noted that Mark Cerny never directly calls the next Playstation the PS5 but does call it the successor to the PS4. In this interview, Mark Cerny revealed some details like that the next-gen PlayStation will include a high-spec solid state drive, a ray tracing GPU, will still take discs, and will have backwards compatibility with the PS4.

Photo: The Verge

The high-spec SSD that the next-gen PlayStation will include allows games to be loaded much faster. For example, Cerny showed off the load time in Marvel’s Spider-Man during a fast travel sequence and on the next-gen PlayStation devkit, this only took 0.8 seconds to load compared to the 15 seconds that it takes on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

The GPU is a custom version of Radeon’s Navi line which is capable of ray tracing and allows for graphical technique that is high-performance and produce some really incredible results. The CPU of the next-gen PlayStation, on the other hand, is an AMD Ryzen third-generation variant and will actually allow for 3D audio with no additional hardware. With the next-generation Playstation Mark Cerny is really want to up the audio experience with this new hardware horsepower.

The next-gen PlayStation will also still take discs, that means it will take blu-rays and be backwards compatible with PS4 games. It is unknown at this time if it is backwards compatible with other consoles in the PlayStation family at this time, but Mark Cerny said that the next-gen Playstation’s architecture was based on the PS4’s so making it backwards compatible with the PS4 was possible, whereas the PS4 had a completely different architecture than the PS3. The next-gen PlayStation will also be compatible with the current PlayStation VR already out for PS4 and newer models released in the future.

Although it is not known when the next-gen PlayStation when release, the release is still drawing closer and it is possible that some upcoming exclusives such as Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II may release on both the PS4 and next-gen PlayStation. Which means they will look truly impressive on the next-gen PlayStation especially if you’re playing them on an 8K display as Cerny said the next-gen PlaySation will support 8K displays.

Much is still not known about the next-generation PlaySation other than what was revealed by Cerny and the fact that it is coming, when more details come out we’ll be here to cover them.

Our take

While not much was revealed about the PS5 or next-gen PlayStation, what was revealed seems very promising especially about the CPU, GPU, and the fact that it will be backwards compatible with the PS4. I have a lot of PS4 games so it will be nice to see them carry over. I hate it when I want to play a PS3 game but have to go back on the PS3 and play it. While not noticeable at the time after using a PS4 and then going back on the PS3, the PS3 UI is very clunky and I would much rather just not have to use it and play them on my PS4. I don’t know if the next-gen PlayStation will allow you to play PS3 games but at least it will let you play PS4 games. There is still not a lot known about the next Playstation, but I am now really excited to see more.