PSN Users Can Now Change Their Online ID

Photo: Playstation 4 by ehrich77 (

Playstation owners rejoice! You can now change that embarrassing gamer tag.

Your days as xXPENETRATORXx or BIG69DADDY_420 are now over as Sony announced their Online ID change feature is officially live today after originally teasing and testing the feature back in October/November 2018. The feature is without it’s kinks though, as Sony does acknowledge there may be some games that do not fully support the feature.

Here is the list of games that have been fully tested and are compatible with the Online ID change feature: “Games With No Known Issues

Here is the list of games that do have issues that have been identified: “Games With Issues Identified”

Here is the list of games with Critical Issues, which includes loss of in game currency (paid or earned), loss of progress, and loss of UGC and functionality (online or offline): “Games With Critical Issues

All the info on how to change your Online ID and all the information pertaining to game compatibility can be found here on Sony’s Official Playstation Blog.

A quick note: if you do wish to change your Online ID, you WILL need to change it via PS4 or Web Browser. Your Online ID CANNOT be changed via PS3 or PS Vita.


This is a feature that has been asked for since the inception of the Playstation Network and we are relieved that Sony finally made it a reality. Gamer tags made when we were younger can now be changed to reflect a more mature player, and that alone speaks for itself. We’re hoping Sony continues to listen to its player base and add more features that should’ve been made available from the beginning.