Kingdom Hearts III Getting DLC Within the Year

During an interview with Dengeki Online, Kingdom Hearts III’s director Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s development team is already working on additional content for the game. Some of the additional content will be a critical mode for players who are truly seeking a challenge, a story expansion which will fill in some of the plot holes of Kingdom Hearts III. Up until now Final Mixes of Kingdom Hearts would always include additional features and cutscenes, but this is going to be the first game in the series that will have DLC. Nomura said he is hoping to have the team finish up all of the DLC within the year, so he can have the Kingdom Hearts Development team start on their next project.

When asked if the upcoming story DLC would have to do with the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts III, Nomura said the following;

“As like before, if there’s more story, then this is the preface to that tale. With what’s known at this point, it seems there are various theories about the secret movie, but it’s not some simple thing.”

At this time it’s unknown when Critical Mode or the additional story DLC will arrive but hopefully it will be finished and available within the year.

Our take

While it is great to see Kingdom Hearts III getting both a critical mode and additional story content, it would be nice to see the additional story content focus on either additional Disney worlds, whether that be returning to a past Disney world like Agrabah rather than additional story content focusing on Organization XIII. It would however also be cool to see the additional story content take place right after the secret ending and serve as more of an epilogue to Kingdom Hearts III so we would not have to wait until the next main Kingdom Hearts game to find out what exactly happened. That however is probably just wishful thinking.