G2 Esports Win Six Invitational

source: ESPN.com

A dynasty has been built. On Sunday evening, G2 Esports won Rainbow Six Siege world championship, the Six Invitational. They have won two world titles and proven themselves to be the most dominant team in the game’s history.

“We really never have the crowd on our side,” said G2’s Fabian “Fabian” Hallsten, with the championship trophy, a sledgehammer, slung over his shoulder. “No one really likes us in Europe. When we come to [North America], no one really likes us.”

After a competitive first couple of maps, the championship came down to G2’s map choice of Bank. And it was their choice for a reason, as G2 dominated the map throughout, ultimately only giving up one round to runner-up Team Empire.

Both teams continued going back and forth through the first map’s Overtime period. The first map finally ended in Round 22 after G2 took an early 5-3 advantage. Empire got antsy and tried to get aggressive, but G2 put them down to end the longest single map in Rainbow Six Pro League major history.

You can watch the match here: