On-Site: Button Mash LA

Located in Los Angeles’s Echo Park neighborhood, Button Mash is an Arcade that doesn’t just have a great selection of games, but amazing food and an extensive beer selection all crammed into one spot.

The vibe at Button Mash is a lot more ‘homey’ than most other arcades and you’re never too far away from any section of the establishment. Just to the left of the main entrance is the dining area, PWNSHOP gift shop, and Pinball machine corner. To the right of the main entrance is where you’ll find the bar and arcade.

Button Mash has 11 Pinball machines and 39 Arcade staples so you’ll have no problem finding a game enjoy. This place keeps it old school and uses tokens as their main form of payment for games, unlike most modern arcades that use digital cards with credits loaded onto them. You can get tokens from the bar while you’re ordering a cold one or from a machine near the bathroom.

What sets Button Mash apart from other traditional arcades is their food menu. Button Mash offers more than just the traditional bar food you may be used to, as their Vietnamese/Asian inspired snacks are definitely a must. If you’re feeling less inclined to try their asian fusion food, they’ve got plenty of other options for you. Also, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, they’ve got you covered too. On three visits with various different friends and appetites, we were able to try out a majority of the menu and needless to say, you NEED to try the food here, no matter what you decide to order.

Button Mash is a can’t miss, and they’ve hit the ball right out of the park so the next time you’re in Los Angeles make sure to stop by!

Button Mash
1391 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Phone: (213) 250-9903
Email : info@buttonmashla.com

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