Resident Evil 2 Receives Free Ghost Survivors DLC

Available for free in the 1.02 update for Resident Evil 2 which released today, ‘Ghost Survivors’ allows you to change the fate of three characters in Resident Evil 2. By allowing you to play through three new stories which focus on the gun store’s owner Robert Kendo, the mayor’s daughter Katherine Miller, and a special agent by the name of Ghost, you will try to survive against zombies and other nightmares in Racoon City as you try to escape the city.

The new Ghost Survivors mode also allows you to play through the stories in training mode which gives you more items at the start and allows you to carry more items.

Our take

Any game that receives free single player DLC such as new campaigns, no matter how short or long they are has nothing but a promising future. The fact that this has released only a few weeks after the games launched and is available for free really makes me excited to see what paid DLC this game will receive in the future.

Check out the Ghost Survivors trailer below!